a clear view of the future

The Clearwater Group was founded as a property acquisition and management company, which specialises in the development, conversion and ongoing management of a wide range of properties in the Nort East.

Following Covid, the energy crisis and huge market increases in energy, we struggled to manage the rising gas and electricity costs across our portfolio. Therefore, we formed Clearwater Utilities and partnered with a leading industry specialist to help manage the procurement of our utilities across the properties we manage and successfully reduced costs across all areas. We therefore decided to expand the remit to help other businesses, as we want to ensure savings are being passed directly onto other customers.

Ranj Gill said; “Following many successful deals where we have reduced costs on our existing and property portfolio there are opportunities to offer this to other business customers, which means they too, can benefit. By opening Clearwater Utilities, we are creating a unique opportunity to help customers make substantial savings on their gas, electricity, and water costs as well as our value-added services. We can offer advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint.”